Full Stack Blockchain Developer in Tampa, Florida

About Me

I am an analytical certified Blockchain Developer with 5+ years of experience, specializing in full-stack TDD (test-driven-development). I've written multiple production-level applications in React, React Native, Redux, Redux Sagas, Vue, Node JS, Express, Hyperledger Fabric, PineScript, Solidity, ERC-20 tokens, IPFS, C#, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Ruby, Python, and AWS. I have a strong work ethic and self-discipline with a drive to solve problems and create innovative solutions. I deliver software in a timely manner. I have experience writing dAPP's (Decentralized Applications) and smart contracts on blockchains such as Steem, Hive, PeerPlays, Algorand, Ethereum, Blockstack, EOS, and ChainLink. Working as a lead developer in many Agile projects, I have gained the skills needed to work without any overhead and code in a structured matter.


  • Spearheaded and lead development on two different mobile apps, two different web-apps, a back-end, and ran DevOps for a startup company, YourUnicorn.
  • Cloned ZZZ/QQQ/ DeFi in the form of
  • Voted to be 1 of 50 active witness nodes (peers) to validate blocks and transactions on DPoS blockchains such as STEEM, DECENT, Muse, PeerPlays, Scorum, Blurt.
  • Created a decentralized, monetized, and distributed version of Vine called Moops as a dAPP on the Steem/Hive blockchain leveraging SteemConnect/HiveConnect SDK's, and IPFS.
  • Forked IBM's HyperLedger Fabric Presedential Election Voting dAPP and created a HyperLedger Network/Smart Contracts with Docker, Kubernetes, and Node
  • Consultant on a couple blockchain start-ups.


My personal interests include:

  • MMA. I love pushing my body and mind to it's limits, and train Jiu Jitsu/Muay Thai 3-7 times a week.
  • Decentralization. Re-inventing the way we interact with technology in an innately positive way. Disrupting industries such as government, social media, supply chains, and finance.
  • Healthy Eating. I am a huge proponent of treating your body like a temple and partake in intermittent fasting, high/clean quality foods, daily fasts, and acheiving peak performance through nutrition.

Recent Work Experience

  • Working at E2Gens as a full-stack software developer. Building the Wizard for PitchPages in React/Redux/Node, a full-stack application in React/Redux/Node for the Institute of John Hopkins Medicine, and API's in C#/.NET for FloridaFunders.
  • Lead developer at No Limit Technology where I lead the development on dating apps from mobile-web-backend-devops. Additionally, I performed System Administration for four different internal companies Wordpress applications.
  • Independent Contractor at Nurse2Nurse Staffing where I built skills assessment full-stack applications in React/C#/ASP.NET/PostgreSQL. Check it out here and here

Other Things

  • I don't use social media, I have LinkedIn as a business exception.
  • I am a big advocate of security/privacy/self-sovereignty. "Saying you don't care about privacy becuase you have nothing to hide is like saying you don't care about freedom of speech because you have nothing to say." - Edward Snowden

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